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Days 2 and 3 Post Op.

August 25, 2011

So it’s now three days since I had my operation, and the eye seems to be ok. I had a bit of a minor panic yesterday when I woke up and immediately felt that the eye was more inflamed than yesterday. The whites of the eye were also much redder than the previous evening. I put in my steroid drops and antibiotic drops to see if it would settle but three hours later it still seemed the same. I’d been told by the nurses to always veer on the side of caution with regards to any apparent change in the eye, so headed to the eye infirmary just after lunch. The nurse had a look at the eye and checked the pressure and said it seemed fine- stitches still in place, no sign of rejection, pressure normal etc. She said that it can just sometimes be the case that the eye becomes a bit inflamed a few days after the operation, and particularly first thing in the morning when there’s been a 10- 12 hour gap between eye drops. She put some kind of anaesthetic drops into my eye and it immediately felt and looked better. By the time I got home it was looking much less red and felt less gritty than it had done that morning.

By the evening it had settled down even more and was pretty much back to how it had been the day after the operation. It was probably just a case of me being over cautious, but the nurse said i was right to get it checked anyway because you always have to be really careful with a graft and any apparent changes in the eye. The sooner any problems are caught, the better.

This morning I woke up and had the same feeling of swelling and grittiness, but again after a couple of hours it seemed to calm down a lot and it’s now looking and feeling fine. I also braved my first hair wash this morning since the op. I’ve had no problems showering since Monday, but I’d been putting off the whole potential ‘water/shampoo in eye’ situation for as long as I could. I basically just kept my eyes shut as tight as possible and dried them as soon as I could and it seemed fine. Like most people who have had a corneal graft I’m probably being over cautious about everything at the moment- not wanting to bend down or pick anything up etc, but I’m finding that I’m feeling more confident about what I can do as the days go on.

Vision wise I would say It’s just about the same as it was on Tuesday. If I hold something about 10cm away from my face I can see/read it perfectly and the vision seems quite clear, which is an immediate improvement from what it was post op. Further away things are still quite blurry, but if, for example, I’m watching the TV and I close my left (good) eye, I can now make out people’s faces with my right eye and general shapes are much more defined than they were pre op. I’m assuming that the vision will continue to improve a bit as the healing process continues.

So because I’ve just ate a Mars Bar and I’m in a good mood, I figured I’d give you all a bit of a present- a big scary photo of my eye! As you can see it actually looks pretty normal- a bit of redness around the whites, but not really that much. You can also see the graft here, although I was standing directly in front of a window with the light shining onto the eye (the window is what you can see reflected in the middle), so that makes it show up a lot more. If you were standing in front of me it would probably be quite hard to spot unless you knew I’d actually had a graft, and overall the eye just looks normal.



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