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Day 5 Post Op

August 27, 2011

It’s now five days since I had my operation, and so far everything seems to be going ok. When I went to the eye infirmary on Wednesday to get the redness checked out, they told me to come back in two days to see if it was ok, so yesterday I went back for my appointment. Again the nurse checked the eye and said everything seemed fine, although it was looking a little bit red. I told her that when i first woke up in the morning it tended to feel very gritty and red, and then as the day wore on the eye would settle much more- the grittiness would go and the whites of the eye would be much clearer. She said that this is probably due to the eye becoming dry during the night- as you sleep the eye tends to rub against the lids and can become quite dry as a result.

She prescribed me a special eye gel called Lacri-Lube which she told me to apply just before going to bed. This is what I did last night, and this morning when I woke up the eye was a lot less swollen and gritty than it had been the previous few mornings. It still looked a bit red, but the redness seemed to reduce more quickly than it had done previously, so it seems like that problem has been sorted for now.

In terms of the vision there hasn’t been much change. I can see things really well from about 10cm away, which is definitely an improvement from what it was previously (my vision was so bad in that eye before the op that the vision could only have improved really). When looking at objects further away I can actually make them out fine, but the image isn’t very ‘crisp’ yet- it still has that ‘greasy cloth wiped over a window’ look to it. However, I’ve fully prepared myself for the fact that this is a long process- the vision isn’t going to be amazing straight away and I will probably need to be fitted for contact lenses once the stitches have been removed. The main thing to note at the moment is that there definitely has been an improvement in the vision of that eye.

One of the things a lot of my friends ask is ‘how does it feel to know you have someone else’s cornea on your eye?’. There seems to be a fascination with the fact that a part of someone else’s body is now a part of you, and I suppose the fact that you can actually see the transplant on your eye kind of adds to the intrigue. The truth is that it doesn’t really bother me. I thought it might- that I’d constantly be aware that someone else’s cornea was now on my eye, and it would be quite hard to get my head around, but what I’ve actually found is that you’re so fixated after the operation on how the eye is looking/feeling/seeing that you don’t really think about anything else. This may change as time goes on, but really when I look in the mirror all I see is my eye looking back at me. I’ve also been very careful not to descend into the ‘ewwww gross!’ idea of having a transplant. After all, someone has made an incredibly unselfish decision to allow parts of their body to be used for the benefit of others after their death, and I’m extremely grateful that people like me can benefit from their kindness.

I’m due to have my first proper assessment on Wednesday, so my next post will report on how that goes. So far, everything seems good!


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