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Two Weeks Since Graft

September 5, 2011

So it’s now exactly two weeks since my operation, although it actually feels longer than that. It’s strange to look back on how nervous I was in the weeks leading up to the op, and how much time I spent deliberating over whether I should have it done at the beginning of the year. Now that the operation is over and everything seems to be going smoothly I find myself asking what all the fuss was about!

There’s not much new to report really- the eye still looks fine and there haven’t been any problems. The vision does seem to be improving- that ‘greasy’ look I described in earlier posts is starting to become clearer, and if I hold something about 15cm away I can see it perfectly. Like I’ve said previously- before the operation I was managing without contact lenses, and the vision in my right eye was terrible anyway, so in a way there could only have been an improvement in the vision of that eye and I haven’t had much disruption in my vision or day to day life as a result. My brain seems to be adjusting to the new improved vision of my right eye and I do feel that my overall vision has improved slightly. I assume that if someone was used to wearing lenses before their op they would perhaps find things a bit more difficult afterwards, as there is a period of a few weeks or months where lenses can’t be worn in the eye and the vision needs time to settle.

In terms of how the eye feels, there is occassionaly a feeling of grittiness, but it’s very mild and most of the time I’m not aware of it.

My next appointment at the eye infirmary is on September 14th, when I’m due to see someone in the optometry department, as well as a review with my consultant Mr Morgan. I’ll write up a full report on how that goes, and if anything happens or changes in the meantime I’ll let you know.

Oh, and if anyone has any questions regarding my experience with Keratoconus or my operation that I haven’t covered in this blog, then please don’t hesitate to ask!


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