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Third Post-Assessment Appointment

October 26, 2011


Apologies for the lack of updates recently. It’s for the same reason I’ve explained in previous posts- namely that there hasn’t really been much to report! It’s now 9 weeks since I had my operation, and there still haven’t been any major issues. The eye looks and feels fine.

Today I had my third follow up consultation so I’ll just go through what was said by my consultant Mr Morgan. Before seeing Mr Morgan I had an appointment with an optometrist, who went through the same series of refractive tests that I explained in the last post. As far as I was concerned my vision was basically the same as it had been last time- I could make out the first two lines on the chart (both quite blurry), and not much else. When I had some different lenses in front of me however it turns out I was just about able to read one more line than I could last time. Although it wasn’t a massive improvement, both the optometrist and Mr Morgan said that the vision is going in the right direction and that’s the important thing at this stage.

When I went to see Mr Morgan after my optometry appointment he had a look at the eye and said that it still looked brilliant- the stitches are all still in place etc. He said that I’d probably have the stitches in for another ten months- making it a year in total from them first being put in to being taken out. He said that in the meantime he may remove one or two individual ones at some stage to try and help the eye to start focussing better, and that this is a simple procedure which could simply be done in his room with some anaesthetic eye drops. The important thing is not to take the stitches out too early, as this could lead to the graft coming apart.

He said that it’s still only two months since the graft, and again not to worry too much if the vision still isn’t great- patience is the most important thing about having a corneal graft! He also said that I can now go down to two steroid drops a day, and I’ll be using a slightly different steroid from now on. Up until now I’ve been using individual Dexamethasone drops which are thrown away as soon as they’ve been used. Apparently these are a slightly gentler drop for the eye as they don’t have preservatives etc, so that’s why they’re more suitable for the period of time just after a graft. I’ll now be using a steroid drop called Pred Forte (prednisolone acetate), which comes as a single bottle rather than individual sachets.

Mr Morgan said that he’ll see me again in 4-6 weeks, and that at the next appointment we’ll focus on trying to fit me with a pair of glasses which benefit my right eye as well as my left- at the moment I wear glasses (for reading etc), but only have a prescription in my left eye, as previously glasses didn’t help the vision in my right eye at all due to the ‘cone’ of my cornea being so steep. The idea is to get me to start using the right eye again, because at the moment my brain still focuses overwhelmingly on what my left (good) eye is seeing. He’ll also do a topography scan of both eyes to see how the shape of both corneas are looking.

And that’s about it for now! I can’t quite believe it’s over two months now since the operation. The time has flown by and, as yet, I haven’t experienced any issues. From now on I’ll just report on what is said at my consultations, but if anything happens in between I’ll make sure to post it.


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